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You are here where you want to choose the right products for decorating your home. The fact that it is healthy and elegant makes the choice of wood decoration very attractive. In this article, we will share examples of wooden decorations that can give you ideas and guide you.

Although the fact that wood has more than one product can confuse people from time to time, when we say wood in this article, we will talk about natural wood in general.

Compared to materials created using wood blending methods like MDF and chipboard, natural wood looks healthy and elegant.

What does massive mean?

Natural wood, on the other hand, is divided into types such as solid and log. solid material; It consists of pieces of wood cut the same size and combined with sea glue. Other woods are; In general, it is formed by cutting and polishing only the wood material.

Since solid furniture and decoration products can usually be created by combining trees of different colors, more elegant and different styles can be obtained.

Now let’s examine these wooden decorating ideas that we will apply to our home section by section.

Wooden living room decor ideas

In our corridors or living rooms, which are the most favorite and most used places in our house, the choice of wood for furniture and accessories may be preferred.

Exotic flowers or antiques can be used to complement natural wood and solid furniture.

Rope and Edison bulbs can be preferred as lighting and floor lamps can be used at the same time.

Armchair and solid coffee table
wood living room decor
wood living room decor

Wood decorating ideas for bedroom

Using wood density furniture in your bedrooms will greatly affect your sleeping comfort. Natural and breathable materials are essential for your health.

A wooden bed frame or headboard will give your room an authentic look.

You can use post-style rugs or tapestry your bedroom with your wooden furniture or accessories.

wooden bedroom
wooden bedroom
wood bedroom decor
wooden bedroom decor

Wooden wall decorating tips

Products made of wood material enliven your walls or corners that you think are empty. You can add shelves or bookcases to your walls, especially with solid materials that are all the rage now.

Such corners; Considered as a reading or rest corner, a new space will emerge in your home and a new space to escape stress.

You can think of carpet posts or cushions in these corners, or you can complement them with a reading chair or rocking chair.

wooden wall shelves
wooden wall shelves
wood corner decor
wood corner decor
tree corner library
tree corner library

Wooden house accessories

These accessories, which you can use in almost every space in your home and which become fashionable every day, will be the apple of your eyes.

In addition to the beautiful and limitless options, there are also varieties that are not installed and can be installed. Have fun and beautify your home.

Handmade wooden trinkets, paintings, desk decorations, flower pots, coffee tables are just the ones we can count.

Of course, if you have a little manual dexterity, you can get to our DIY section here, see the variety of simple accessories and have fun while beautifying your home.

Below are some log home accessories and prices along with where you can buy them.

Wooden lampshade, raw log
Wooden lampshade

This screen of pure trunk that you see in the image, 750 TL and its dimensions; width: 80 cm, height: 80 cm. You can order this Woozek brand product here.

Wooden clock with combination of logs
Wooden clock

This wonderful and laborious wall clock from Trend Furniture costs 495 TL. You can proceed here to buy.

wooden wall clock
wooden wall clock

This extravagant and huge wall clock from Ahsakx costs only 89 TL. You can proceed here to order.

Five wooden pots
Wooden flowerpot

This decorative wooden planter that you can use to complete your decor costs only TL 34.90 at Amazon Turkey. You can proceed here to order.

solid wood board
Solid wood table

You can have this solid table, which you see in the image and made with wood in multiple colors, for 269 TL in the 30 * 50 cm version and for 349 TL in the 50 * 70 cm version. You can order the product here.

wooden world map
Wooden map

In the image you can see a very well designed wooden world map. Colomb Design, the seller of this product, made each part of the product from solid wood. Also, the steering compass has added a different atmosphere to the product. The price of the product varies according to the dimensions and starts from 225 TL. To place an order, you can find the product here.

Important NOTE: We do not have any advertising link with the products and companies that we have previously presented. They are products selected as a result of the research we have carried out for you. The price policy of the products corresponds to the moment of writing the content. We would like to inform you that we cannot be held responsible for price changes or any negative situation.

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