Rectangular room decoration | Home decor

Rectangular room decoration or living room decoration are difficult areas to design in general. In these types of rooms, where there is a short wall in addition to a long wall and almost nothing can be placed in its place in decoration, you can easily settle in with the decoration tips that we will give you.

First divide the space in two

You can get great designs by dividing your long room in two in your mind. You can imagine a group sitting in one part of your room and a dining table in the other. Or you can design part of your room as an area to watch television and another part as a reading nook.

Before making the purchase of your furniture or placing the existing furniture, you should consider how it should be placed.

By separating a piece from the long part of your room, you can think of it as your home garden or a planter area.

Take a look at our pictures for more ideas.

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