Occupy Wall Street Road is an Action – United Under One is a Staircase

For the fellow average American, unwell of mediocrity; Sick of being bossed around, and going to take part in a favorable activity to produce change that profits all. Allow us interact, as we are all unified under one, and in combining our initiatives, we can make a difference.

We take this time around between Thanksgiving and New Year’s to bring up a very significant concern, or group of concerns. We wish that the inquiries we start to ask will be responded to with sincerity as well as your thoughts for solutions. We hope to pass this letter along to as many individuals as possible, so that United Under One can place with each other a platform to send out to Washington, before the marketing for the following governmental election. It’s important that these concerns be elevated, it’s important to identify the area of disputed beliefs in our culture, as well as regard them. It’s likewise vital for us to ask our management concerns, with suggested solutions, rather than leaving it to their own faculties as they have actually failed for 200 years. We wish that this effort is taken seriously, as currently is the moment for change, as well as not simply in this nation, however additionally around the world. These inquiries remain in no specific order. Please consider it a totally free circulation of thoughtful info.

We need a real separation of church and also state, the dissolution of any type of tax obligation benefits for religious companies, as well as the elimination of the federal government’s right to approve a religious beliefs or examine and its standing. Individuals ought to be left to think as they choose without any judgment and also with any tax benefits. Any kind of philanthropic contribution to a spiritual organization ought to not be a reduction on one’s tax obligation return.

2) There are lots of issues in our government, as an example the FDA, which manages the authorization or launch of drugs to the industry. They create committees to produce standards of approval to create new medications, making use of members of the sector, not indifferent 3rd party researchers, to draw these protocols and also authorization systems. As we have actually discovered through recent legislation, a lot of new medicines are compelled to offer their contraindications, so we currently know that if a lady picks a birth control pill, or a male selects to obtain an erection with the help of a pharmaceutical, both threat death in the name of sex, or extreme side impacts. There are lots of choices, however the FDA as well as the government refuse to accept the advantages of Eastern medication, homeopathy, and herbal solutions, which develop fantastic troubles in the more study of their advantages to the American public. We ought to be requiring equal, buck for dollar, funding, for alternate clinical research as well as for medical compensations for alternative therapies, such as acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic’s, NAET specialists, herbs, as well as natural remedies.

3) Take religious beliefs out of our military, our school systems, and also our politics. There are still specific companies that look at atheists as people that must stay in a storage room. It creates non-recognition in the military for burial purposes. Many individuals fear disclosure of their ideas as it might lead to shedding work as well as relationships. There are some companies, like the Boy Scouts of America as well as Girl Scouts of America, that in the past, did not allow a kid to join if you noted on your own as an atheist. Look at the battles as well as challenges that Jason Tory tackles on a daily basis. He fights this fight for the advantage of all, selflessly, in Washington and also all over the globe. He must be supported by everybody as well as not simply by atheists.

4) The profession on Wall Street has its roots in showing our disgust of the way our financial organizations really work. I assume it’s vital to comprehend the greed element here, in order to clarify the regulations that have to be changed. Did you ever wonder about why numerous Senators and Congressmen begin their service as routine, or much less than middle course Americans, as well as exit as millionaires? We’ll rejoice to respond to that concern for every one of you. Senators and Congressmen are exempt to the expert trading regulations that most Americans are governed by, as an example, Bernie Mad off as well as many others were sanctioned for expert trading and misuse of other individuals’s cash. Our Congressmen and also senators abuse our money every solitary day of the week. Right here’s exactly how they do it. For instance, if a new drug like Viagra is approved by the FDA, it needs to experience a Congressional Committee before launch of the details, and also during the approval process. If the participant of that committee recognizes it’s going to be approved, they call their brokers as well as buy the business supply for their very own benefit. Conversely, if the medicine is not approved, they can short the firm a few days before the news and also once more make a great deal of loan, as they inform their brokers at Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sacks, etc. These brokers can share info with execs and also play “follow the leader.” It will certainly cost the ordinary person by destroying their life cost savings, their 401K and also various other pensions, however yet there’s been absolutely nothing in the papers that reveal the difference and treatment, there’s been no motion to change this, as well as we wonder why there’s a financial dilemma. A regulation ought to be passed to not enable any type of Congressmen, Senators, or any kind of employer of the federal government to purchase the stock market throughout their term in office as well as for a duration of 5 years afterwards. If broken this need to bring a minimal sentence of one decade behind bars, as well as a return of the funds obtained. There need to be a regulation that any kind of financial institution with impact in the government that traded on inside information obtained via a neighborhood hearing should have their permit revoked and retained for 5 years.

There need to be go back to Americans of all funds provided to these organizations at a 1-time settlement of $10,000 per person of this country.

The second stage looks at our Bill of Rights, and every person’s right to residential property, all legal rights to air area and access to our waterways are without a doubt had by the citizens of this nation. We believe that the nobility charges got must pay for the operation of the firm, as well as at the very least?? of the nobilities obtained ought to be dispersed to the residents of the nation in the type of an annual check. As we take a look at these numbers, it appears that every citizen would certainly earn around $30,000 which would certainly help get rid of the destitution issues in this nation; And at the expense of the company giants, using our rights to building to make greater returns than one would expenditure needs to be made while making use of other individuals’s assets, suggesting that of each person.

6) Healthcare: This country, through our emergency space setup as well as facilities supply a remarkable healthcare system to every one of our people or not. Half a century back, when Social Security was placed in, the life span was 55 years old, currently its 78. I applaud our doctors as well as our healthcare facilities. Once again, we check out a system that seems to be unjust since individuals can not pay for to pay for solutions. The system has actually gotten rid of the doctor-patient link and changed it with medical professional’s aides as well as tiers of specials, all established to prevent awful litigation. It seems like OBGYN as well as some negligence insurance, can represent 1/3 of the gross income in the technique, as well as the truth is, as clients, we’re paying that 1/3 to our healthcare systems. We’re currently splitting the profits with the physicians, developing more paperwork with fewer returns. It is our belief that the category of clinical malpractice ought to be relocated right into a various category with a burden of evidence that needs to satisfy the test of independent professionals before being offered the courts. We believe that there should be classifications of settlements that are determined which the physicians as well as the healthcare facility when suitable share the areas of risk. We believe there should be predetermined settlement numbers so that the entire nation does not have to pay for the shocking cases against one area as well as one person. When the case amount and also incentive go beyond the designated number, the target might still keep the right to file a claim against the doctor or the liable celebrations personally, having nothing to do with the insurer. The cash saved there would certainly lower premiums so that every American can manage to do it. I am right currently, on Medicare, and in between my Medicare repayments, and also the deductions they extract from my Social Security for assistance repayments, and also my medicine plan, I am now paying even more money for medical insurance coverage than when I had a solitary payer system.

7) Human Rights: Every American born here and also welcomed visitor to our nation ought to have specifically the exact same civil liberties of freedom as one another. The defense of our people as well as our nation was paid for with the blood of American soldiers. We have a commitment to our professionals, to our deceased veterans, to their households, as well as to all Americans. There need to not be a hungry or homeless person in this country. We are not mentioning to be an isolationist nation, nor are we specifying to lower our compassion for human initiatives, yet what we are stating is Americans should come. So before we offer international help, or food travels to help any nation seeking food or medicine, all Americans have to have food as well as medical treatment primary as well as initial. After that, international help ought to go as our federal government deems ideal for Americans. We can spend for that by mandating that each neighborhood on a monthly basis report their indigent populace, create a spending plan of $3,000/ month per household of 4 as well as make certain that money is appropriated per community, prior to restoring any kind of foreign help.

We believe the government should go nation to nation, for those we owe money to, and also offset it with the monetary support, grants, medicines, and help that America has invested in the last 200 years to these nations. Our debts are outstanding, yet we owe money to people who owe us loan, does that make feeling? If you look at your dollar bill, it says accounts receivable, so that your silver certification was replaced by the pledge of the federal government to make your dollar worth a buck.

8) Special Treatment: Look at Bruce Springsteen as well as Jon Bon Jove, who were encouraged to acquire farms to aid in their tax best offs. The federal government likewise pays farmers not to create, and also the government rewards organisations to develop work, unfortunately the majority of them were developed overseas. There are tax technicalities in this nation for every make as well as design that exists. Our team believe the farmers must produce, as well as export the food if we have abundance, and bring even more Religion and politics revenue as well as jobs to America. We additionally think that there need to be a flat tax, so all Americans are paying the very same. Our team believe that any person earning over 10 million a year should be paying a high-end tax obligation. That amount is to be identified, yet no greater than 5%. This extra capital will aid maintain the economy successful, in contrast to behind the game. Our company believe that a new requirement has actually to be established to place a firm vacuum to our buck, which is currently backed by weapons, so if you’ve asked yourself why our tools program have to proceed, it’s truly there to support our buck.

We think a brand-new standard, such as food, must be the power behind our buck and not stock pile brand-new weapons as the basis of strength behind our currency. By obtaining comments back, as well as coming up with a last file in 6 months, we can currently offer to Congress trademarks and names, that can possibly make a difference in the world. It can unify all the non-theist groups in one voice, as well as hopefully have actually the seeds planted with the theists to switch groups if possible, but if not, God without Religion at least acknowledge what flexibility truly means.

We believe that the aristocracy charges got must pay for the procedure of the firm, as well as at the very least?? of the nobilities received should be dispersed to the residents of the nation in the type of a yearly check. As we take a look at these numbers, it shows up that every citizen would gain about $30,000 which would certainly aid eliminate the poverty problems in this country; And at the cost of the business titans, using our civil liberties to property to make better returns than one would expenditure ought to be made while utilizing other individuals’s possessions, meaning that of each person.

We believe there must be determined negotiation numbers so that the entire nation does not have to pay for the outrageous cases against one location and also one individual. 7) Human Rights: Every American birthed right here and also invited visitor to our country should have specifically the exact same rights of freedom as one another. We believe the federal government needs to go nation to country, for those we owe money to, and also counter it with the monetary support, grants, medications, and also help that America has actually spent in the last 200 years to these nations.

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