How to Make Natural Sunscreen to Prevent Sunburn: Decorating Tips & Trends, DIY Ideas

The first thing to do for healthier sunburn results is to go to the doctor and get expert information. But for minor burns, you can also indulge yourself with affordable products that are readily available at home.


You can easily use yogurt, which has the characteristic of hydrating and relaxing the skin. Burned parts of your body; The regular application of yogurt in the morning, noon and night will relieve burns day by day.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil will reduce your skin’s sensitivity to burns. The extracts it contains are very effective for repair and treatment.

aloe vera

If you have this plant, which can be easily grown at home, all you have to do is tear off a part of its leaf and apply the gel inside on the burned areas. Aloe vera, which we often see in cosmetic products used for sunburn, will have a very cooling effect.


After brewing green, black, or chamomile tea, you can try applying it to the burned areas with the help of a cloth, waiting for it to cool. Keeping the area moist will also prevent the skin from stretching.

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