Don’t focus on your plants during the holidays

It can be comforting for you to take all kinds of precautions without locking up the house so that you don’t stay home while on vacation. After completing details such as house security and cleanliness, you need to make sure that the plants, which are the valuable natural decorations in your house, are also fed. So how can you be sure your plants are getting enough water when you’re not at home?

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Things to consider before going on vacation

Before you leave home for a while, there are a few things you can do to keep your plants and flowers healthy and vibrant. By saving our list, you can insure your plants before you go on vacation.

  • You can make sure you keep your flowers in the same room, and if you have no other choice, the plants don’t come into contact with each other.

  • You should be careful to place your flowers in an area that does not get direct sun and is not too hot.

  • After placing ornaments like tree bark and pebbles in the ground of your flowers, you can pour water on the ground and the leaves of your plants before leaving the house. The ornaments will allow the water to mix with the soil later.

  • Make sure your home is circulating by opening the windows the day before you leave.


The water bottle method

An ideal short-term method for water-loving plants, the water bottle method is extremely easy to apply. After filling the water bottle with water, you need to poke holes in the cap. You can use piercing tools like hot needles or screws to do this easily.

Then you can place your water bottle upside down inside the little hole you made in the ground. Depending on the size of the bottle and the size of the holes, it can provide efficient plant watering for about 5 days.


House plant bathroom

If you are looking for a more durable solution, this method may be more effective for you! You can place your plants in a tub with a drain plug. Of course at this point you need to make sure that you can get water from under the pots and that the plants can get water without floating or drowning in water.

You can easily put down your plants after filling the tub with the plants that you have safely placed to a certain level. At this point, if you don’t prefer to use a sink tub, you can also turn to products such as baking sheets or saucepans.


Wet rope method

With this method, which can be used to water more than one plant at the same time, you can set up a system that can take water regularly. For this method, you need to fill a container, pot, or open container with water and then place the pots around this watering can. Then you can put a strip of cloth with strong water absorption or a thick rope at the root of the plant and the other end in the water. With several pieces of tape, you will feed your plants with the water that the rope absorbs!


Plastic bag greenhouse

With this method, which is not suitable for all varieties of plants, you will be able to build your own greenhouses with the respiration of the plant and the movement of the water. To do this, you must first provide moisture balance by pouring tree bark into the soil of your plants. Then we place a large plastic bag over the plants that you have watered and close it with rubber.

At this point, you need to make sure that the bag is not putting harmful pressure on the leaves. With this method, you will have allowed your plants to water even for several months! If something very important You should not place your plant in a place that receives direct sun.

holiday practical plant watering greenhouse method of plant watering

holiday practical plant watering greenhouse method of plant watering

Embedded plastic water bottle

We have seen watering plants with the plastic water bottle method. As an alternative to this method, you can easily water your plants with adjusted soil permeability by building an integrated system. At this point in this method, which is useful for large pots, you need to dig the soil to provide room for a bottle of water to enter.

Then you can bury the water bottle with holes in the bottom and the side areas with the cap on the surface. Thanks to this method, when you give your plant water, you can feed the soil directly by adding water to the bottle that you just opened.

Happy Holidays!


Image credit: pinterest, plants.com, mindbodygreen.com, balconygardenweb.com, scissorsandsage.com


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